Scotland-Zambia Partnership

Celebrating cultural diversity and fostering social integration.

Our organisation’s main aim is to promote social inclusion and create a platform to celebrate diversity and foster integration of many different cultures that live in Scotland. We are involved in:
- Reducing social exclusion and promoting health and well being in the community through events that encourage active participation and involvement in community.
- Facilitating a friendly and open-minded environment that fosters cultural exchanges as a way of encouraging an appreciation and understanding of many diverse cultures in Scotland.






Our Activities


Events such as the launch of the organisation as a Scottish incorporated charitable organisation (SCIO) are valued opportunities to showcase the work we do in Scotland and our plans for working in Zambia. Sharing ideas with key stakeholders (including MSPs, Non-Governmental Organisations, other country organisations etc) allows us to work effectively together in contributing towards sustainable economic development. This is in addition to exploring opportunities for skills and knowledge exchange between Zambia and Scotland as well as improving the livelihood of vulnerable groups in both countries.


Meetings with influential individuals such as Honourable Emerine Kabanshi, Zambian Minister for Community Development and Social Services, enables our organisation to foster partnerships and showcase our impact and contribution to the communities we work within.


Joyous and fun packed family events encourage community involvement and engagement. Through these events we aim to reinforce our organisational aims of social and cultural integration. We are able to facilitate a friendly and open-minded environment that fosters cultural exchanges between Zambians and friends of Zambia.