Fundraising & Project Activities


Scotland Zambia Partnership (SCOZAP) is hosting a fundraising event on 21 September at the Charteris Centre, Edinburgh (138-140 Pleasance). We will be celebrating the best of Zambia and Scotland through food and music. Come along and enjoy some Scottish and Zambian dishes then get on the dance floor and take part in a ceilidh or dance to some zedbeats.

Tickets will be £10 per head and £5 for under 15s (babies and toddlers free). Follow our Facebook and website for more information.



Dorothy and Chinyanta, SCOZAP’s project workers, have been hard at work running events, connecting with organisations such as St Andrew’s First Aid and The Young Women's Movement and also creating a peer support group. The group being created is open to young people aged 30 and under and they take part in various fun events such as sports activities and are also involved in volunteer activities. Below are some images of recent activities. If you are interested in attending any project event such as the sports activities or are looking for a space to discuss mental health and access to services then please get in touch and join in on the fun. Find out more about the project on Instagram and Facebook..

Upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM)

SCOZAP is inviting you all to keep the 5th of October 2019 available for our AGM, this year the meeting will be held in Glasgow and we are hoping to make it a memorable day with great discussions. Please come along and join in and potentially identify areas you can get yourself involved in.

If you are looking for experience in the third sector, have passion and interest for our work in Scotland and Zambia or you are a seasoned expert that is keen to share your expertise and experiences then please come along and join in. We promise to make it a fun and engaging event for all, young and old.