Projects & Initiatives

  1. Improving mental health in young people

SCOZAP is delighted to bring you ‘Demand Better’ which is a new project focusing on improving mental health in young people. We are keen to create a safe and open space to discuss mental health and bring forth ideas and ways to improve mental health for young people in our community.

Our project leads, Dorothy and Chinyanta, are creating a peer support group as part of the project. The group being created is open to young people aged 30 and under and they take part in various fun events such as sports activities and are also involved in volunteer activities. Below are some images of recent activities, if you are interested in attending any project event such as the sports activities or are looking for a space to discuss mental health and access to services then please get in touch and join in on the fun. Find out more about the project on Instagram, Facebook or by emailing

We were also glad to be able to gather some feedback from participants and have already started applying the suggested ideas. SCOZAP has been encouraged and motivated by the response from participants, the words "comfortable" and "safe" are expressed frequently and this gives us additional motivation to increase the reach of the project.

2. Healthier Scotland Engagement Event

In 2016, Scotland-Zambia Partnership received a grant from the Scottish Government through the Voluntary Action Fund. The grant was awarded to SCOZAP in order to enable our community to take part in the Healthier Scotland discussions.

Participants had the opportunity to learn about the achievements of the Scottish government regarding improving health and well-being in the nation. Participants in attendance additionally had the chance to share their knowledge on improving health within the nation. This was achieved through discussions that included presenting new ideas and views on how to achieve a healthier Scotland.

We had a successful event as seen in the attached pictures and we were able to present feedback to the financiers of our Healthier Scotland Engagement event.